Using Supportive Coevolution to Evolve Self-Configuring Crossover

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  abstract =     "Creating an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) which is
                 capable of automatically configuring itself and
                 dynamically controlling its parameters is a challenging
                 problem. However, solving this problem can reduce the
                 amount of manual configuration required to implement an
                 EA, allow the EA to be more adaptable, and produce
                 better results on a range of problems without requiring
                 problem specific tuning. Using Supportive Coevolution
                 (SuCo) to evolve Self-Configuring Crossover (SCX)
                 combines the automatic configuration technique of
                 multiple populations from SuCo with the dynamic
                 crossover operator creation and evolution of SCX.

                 This paper reports an empirical comparison and analysis
                 of several different combinations of mutation and
                 crossover techniques including SuCo and SCX. The
                 Rosenbrock, Rastrigin, and Offset Rastrigin benchmark
                 problems were selected for testing purposes. The
                 benefits and drawbacks of self-adaptation and evolution
                 of SCX are also discussed. SuCo of mutation step sizes
                 and SCX operators produced results that were at least
                 as good as previous work, and some experiments produced
                 results that were significantly better.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2482727} Distributed at

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