Hand posture recognition using real-time artificial evolution

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  author =       "Benoit Kaufmann and Jean Louchet and Evelyne Lutton",
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  abstract =     "In this paper, we present a hand posture recognition
                 system (configuration and position) we designed as part
                 of a gestural man-machine interface. After a simple
                 image preprocessing, the parameter space (corresponding
                 to the configuration and spatial position of the user's
                 hand) is directly explored using a population of points
                 evolved via an Evolution Strategy. Giving the priority
                 to exploring the parameter space rather than the image,
                 is an alternative to the classical generalisation of
                 the Hough Transform and allows to meet the real-time
                 constraints of the project. The application is an
                 Augmented Reality prototype for a long term exhibition
                 at the Cite des Sciences, Paris. As it will be open to
                 the general public, rather than using conventional
                 peripherals like a mouse or a joystick, a more natural
                 interface has been chosen, using a microcamera embedded
                 into virtual reality goggles in order to exploit the
                 images of the user hand as input data and enable the
                 user to manipulate virtual objects without any specific

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