Push-forth: a Light-weight, Strongly-typed, Stack-based Genetic Programming Language

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  DOI =          "doi:10.1145/2464576.2482742",
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  abstract =     "This paper defines the push-forth language, a
                 recombination of Push [3] and Joy [7], borrowing
                 type-safety considerations from Alp [2]. Push-forth is
                 stack-based, strongly typed and easy to extend. The
                 concept of an Evolutionary Development Environment is
                 presented, and some informal experiments are described
                 to illustrate the utility of such an environment.",
  notes =        "Program is Turing complete list of instructions in
                 postfix order on top of stack shared with data items.
                 Evolution creates library of solution which pass their
                 test cases (cf ADFs). Multiobjective (4) fitness
                 function. p1638 'Pareto-front can grow very large ...
                 however ... manageable'.

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