Knowledge Transfer from Keepaway Soccer to Half-field Offense through Program Symbiosis: Building Simple Programs for a Complex Task

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  abstract =     "Half-field Offense (HFO) is a sub-task of Robocup 2D
                 Simulated Soccer. HFO is a challenging, multi-agent
                 machine learning problem in which a team of offense
                 players attempt to manoeuvre the ball past a defending
                 team and around the goalie in order to score. The
                 agent's sensors and actuators are noisy, making the
                 problem highly stochastic and partially observable.
                 These same real-world characteristics have made
                 Keepaway soccer, which represents one sub-task of HFO,
                 a popular testbed in the reinforcement learning and
                 task-transfer literature in particular. We demonstrate
                 how policies initially evolved for Keepaway can be
                 reused within a symbiotic framework for coevolving
                 policies in genetic programming (GP), with no
                 additional training or transfer function, in order to
                 improve learning in the HFO task. Moreover, the highly
                 modular policies discovered by GP are shown to be
                 significantly less complex than solutions based on
                 traditional value-function optimization while achieving
                 the same level of play in HFO.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2754798} GECCO-2015 A joint
                 meeting of the twenty fourth international conference
                 on genetic algorithms (ICGA-2015) and the twentith
                 annual genetic programming conference (GP-2015)",

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