Intelligent System for Continuous Gas Lift Operation and Design with Unlimited Gas Supply

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  title =        "Intelligent System for Continuous Gas Lift Operation
                 and Design with Unlimited Gas Supply",
  author =       "E. Khamehchi and F. Rashidi and H. Omranpour and 
                 S. {Shiry Ghidary} and A. Ebrahimian and H. Rasouli",
  journal =      "Journal of Applied Sciences",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, mutation,
                 cross over, gas lift, optimization, depth of
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  publisher =    "Asian Network for Scientific Information",
  abstract =     "Gas lift is one of a number of processes used to
                 artificially lift oil or water from wells where there
                 is insufficient reservoir pressure to produce the well.
                 The process involves injecting gas through the
                 tubing-casing annulus. Injected gas aerates the fluid
                 to reduce its density; the formation pressure is then
                 able to lift the oil column and forces the fluid out of
                 the well bore. Gas may be injected continuously or
                 intermittently, depending on the producing
                 characteristics of the well and the arrangement of the
                 gas-lift equipment. To enhance the financial revenues
                 this operation has usually always been a subject for
                 optimization to reach the most rewarding design before
                 its operational establishment. Evolutionary approaches
                 have recently been successfully applied to almost every
                 aspect of engineering problems. This study reviews the
                 general facts and ideas related to the gas lift and its
                 optimization and further focus on the application and
                 evaluation of genetic programming for such a purpose.
                 It has been concluded that genetic programming is fully
                 capable in aiding faster gas lift optimizations while
                 is also stable and applicable to a very broad range of
                 operating conditions. The merits and draw backs are
                 finally compared with the neural network approach.",

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