Effects of constant optimization by nonlinear least squares minimization in symbolic regression

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  abstract =     "In this publication a constant optimisation approach
                 for symbolic regression is introduced to separate the
                 task of finding the correct model structure from the
                 necessity to evolve the correct numerical constants. A
                 gradient-based nonlinear least squares optimisation
                 algorithm, the Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) algorithm, is
                 used for adjusting constant values in symbolic
                 expression trees during their evolution. The LM
                 algorithm depends on gradient information consisting of
                 partial derivations of the trees, which are obtained by
                 automatic differentiation.

                 The presented constant optimization approach is tested
                 on several benchmark problems and compared to a
                 standard genetic programming algorithm to show its
                 effectiveness. Although the constant optimization
                 involves an overhead regarding the execution time, the
                 achieved accuracy increases significantly as well as
                 the ability of genetic programming to learn from
                 provided data. As an example, the Pagie-1 problem could
                 be solved in 37 out of 50 test runs, whereas without
                 constant optimisation it was solved in only 10 runs.
                 Furthermore, different configurations of the constant
                 optimisation approach (number of iterations,
                 probability of applying constant optimisation) are
                 evaluated and their impact is detailed in the results
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2482691} Distributed at

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