Genetic programming and Store Steel Ltd.

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  abstract =     "Store Steel Ltd. is one of the biggest spring steel
                 producers in Europe. Steel making in Store begins with
                 scrap melting in an electro-arc furnace in steel plant.
                 The melting bath, which is heated up to tapping
                 temperature according to further treatment procedures,
                 is discharged into the casting ladle. After achieving
                 proper melt temperature from the melting bath the
                 billets are continuously cast. The melting bath flows
                 through a sliding gate system and ladle shroud towards
                 the tundish.

                 After filling up the tundish with a help of the mould
                 filling system with tundish stoppers and submerged
                 pouring tubes, the casting is established. The billets,
                 with a square section of 180 mm, are cast. After
                 reaching a certain melting bath level, the
                 potentiometer starts the flattening system, which drags
                 the billet out of the mould. In this way the continuous
                 casting is established. Each billet goes through the
                 cooling zone toward the gas cutters, where it is cut
                 and laid off onto the cooling bed.

                 After the heating of (already cooled down) billets,
                 they are hot rolled in the strand of rolls in the
                 rolling plant. Through the roll grooves with different
                 shapes and dimensions the cylindrical, square or flat
                 steel bars can be produced. Steel bars are cooled on
                 the cooling bed. After cooling they are cut on the hot
                 shears in different lengths.

                 Additionally the rolled material can be heat treated,
                 straightened, controlled (automatic control line for
                 detecting surface defects, inner defects and mixed
                 material, magnetic particle inspection, manual
                 ultrasonic inspection), cut, peeled, polished,
                 chamfered and finally packed and stored. The last are
                 usually conducted in cold finishing plant.

                 Genetic programming has been widely used in Store Steel
                 Ltd. production. The genetic programming based
                 researches in Store can be classified and listed in the
                 following way:

                 steel plant:

                 * ladle furnace; management,

                 * casting; material properties modelling and its

                 * casting; surface defects, optimization

                 rolling plant:

                 * heat treatment; productivity optimization

                 * material properties; modelling and its

                 Store Steel Ltd. in general:

                 natural gas consumption prediction

                 * critical inclusion size determination

                 *emission modelling.",

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