A genetic approach to finding a controller to back up a tractor-trailer truck

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  author =       "John R. Koza",
  title =        "A genetic approach to finding a controller to back up
                 a tractor-trailer truck",
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of the 1992 American Control Conference",
  year =         "1992",
  volume =       "III",
  pages =        "2307--2311",
  address =      "Evanston, IL, USA",
  publisher =    "American Automatic Control Council",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "http://www.genetic-programming.com/jkpdf/acc1992.pdf",
  size =         "7 page",
  abstract =     "Problems of control can be viewed as requiring the
                 discovery of a computer program (i.e. control strategy)
                 that takes the state variables of a problem as its
                 inputs and produces the values of the control variables
                 as its output. This paper describes the recently
                 developed genetic programming paradigm which
                 genetically breeds a population of computer programs to
                 solve problems. Genetic programming begins with a
                 population of hundreds or thousands of random computer
                 programs and improves them from generation to
                 generation using the Darwinian operation of fitness
                 proportionate reproduction and the genetic operation of
                 sexual recombination. The sexual recombination
                 operation combines parts of two computer programs, each
                 selected proportional to their fitness, to produce new
                 offspring programs. The paper shows, step by step, how
                 to apply genetic programming to the four dimensional
                 control problem of backing up a tractor-trailer truck
                 to a loading dock. The genetic programming paradigm
                 breeds an approximately correct computer program (i.e.
                 control strategy) that successfully performs the
                 required task.",

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