GPDL: a framework-independent problem definition language for grammar-guided genetic programming

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  abstract =     "Defining custom problem types in genetic programming
                 (GP) software systems is a tedious task that usually
                 involves the implementation of custom classes and
                 methods including framework-specific code. Users who
                 want to solve a custom problem have to know the details
                 of the targeted framework, for instance cloning
                 semantics, and often have to write a lot of boilerplate
                 code in order to implement the necessary functionality
                 correctly. This can lead to frustration and hinders new
                 developments and the application of GP to solve
                 interesting problems.

                 In this contribution we propose a framework-independent
                 definition language for GP problems that can reduce the
                 required effort and facilitate the integration of new
                 problem types. We draw a parallel between the
                 implementation of compilers for programming languages
                 and the implementation of GP problems and reuse the
                 well-established concept of attributed grammars with
                 semantic actions to define computational symbols,
                 semantics and structural constraints for GP. This goes
                 beyond previous work in the area of
                 context-free-grammar GP and grammatical evolution,
                 because we also interweave the definition of symbol
                 semantics and the target function with the definition
                 of the grammar.

                 This paper describes the proposed GP problem definition
                 language (GPDL) and exemplary definitions of two
                 popular benchmark problems using GPDL. We also describe
                 a reference implementation of a GPDL compiler for
  notes =        "JGAP

                 hyper-heuristic. 4-bit multiple output multiplier.
                 Generate custom GP system, CodeDom c#

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