Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Classification of Licensed Subjects

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  size =         "8 pages",
  abstract =     "This paper presents an application of soft computing
                 techniques to the construction of decision support tool
                 used for identifying the economically unstable licensed
                 subjects. The work has been initiated by the Czech
                 Energy Regulatory Office whose main mission is to guard
                 the regular heat supply without significant
                 disturbances. Thus the main goal is to develop a tool
                 for automatic identification of the companies that
                 could cancel the supply due to economic problems
                 without detailed examination of each company. In order
                 to achieve the goal two approaches have been chosen.
                 The first one is based on development of an aggregate
                 evaluation criterion for assessing the firms. The other
                 one uses artificial neural networks and multivariate
                 decision trees induced with genetic programming for
                 classification of the firms.",
  notes =        "published 2005",

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