Characterisation of movement disorder in parkinson's disease using evolutionary algorithms

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  abstract =     "Parkinson's Disease is a devastating illness with no
                 currently available cure. As the population ages, the
                 disease becomes more common with a large financial cost
                 to society. A rapid and accurate diagnosis, as well as
                 practical monitoring methods are essential for managing
                 the disease as best as possible. This paper discusses
                 two approaches to discriminating movement data between
                 healthy controls or Parkinson's Disease patients. One
                 is a standard statistical analysis, influenced by prior
                 work into classifying patients. The other is a
                 programmatic expression evolved using genetic
                 programming, which is trained to observe differences in
                 specific motion segments, rather than using arbitrary
                 windows of a full data series. The performance of the
                 statistical analysis method is relatively high, but it
                 still cannot discriminate as well as the evolved
                 classifier. This study compares favourably to previous
                 work, highlighting the usefulness of analysing a
                 successful classifier to influence design decisions for
                 future work. Examination of the evolved programmatic
                 expressions that had high discriminatory ability
                 provided useful insight into how Parkinson's Disease
                 patients and healthy subjects have differing movement
                 characteristics. This could be used to inform future
                 research into the physiology of repetitive motions in
                 Parkinson's Disease patients.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2482726} Distributed at

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