Representations and operators for improving evolutionary software repair

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  size =         "8 pages",
  abstract =     "Evolutionary computation is a promising technique for
                 automating time-consuming and expensive software
                 maintenance tasks, including bug repair. The success of
                 this approach, however, depends at least partially on
                 the choice of representation, fitness function, and
                 operators. Previous work on evolutionary software
                 repair has employed different approaches, but they have
                 not yet been evaluated in depth. This paper
                 investigates representation and operator choices for
                 source-level evolutionary program repair in the GenProg
                 framework [17], focusing on: (1) representation of
                 individual variants, (2) crossover design, (3) mutation
                 operators, and (4) search space definition. We evaluate
                 empirically on a dataset comprising 8 C programs
                 totalling over 5.1 million lines of code and containing
                 105 reproducible, human-confirmed defects. Our results
                 provide concrete suggestions for operator and
                 representation design choices for evolutionary program
                 repair. When augmented to incorporate these
                 suggestions, GenProg repairs 5 additional bugs (60 vs.
                 55 out of 105), with a decrease in repair time of
                 17--43percent for the more difficult repair searches.",
  notes =        "Bronze winner 2012 HUMIES GECCO 2012.

                 Also known as \cite{2330296} GECCO-2012 A joint meeting
                 of the twenty first international conference on genetic
                 algorithms (ICGA-2012) and the seventeenth annual
                 genetic programming conference (GP-2012)",

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