The Combined Immune Algorithm Based on Clonal Selection

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  author =       "V. I. Litvinenko and P. I. Bidjuk and 
                 J. N Bardachov and A. A. Fefelov and V. G. Sherstjuk",
  title =        "The Combined Immune Algorithm Based on Clonal
  booktitle =    "International Workshop on Inductive Modelling, IWIM
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  URL =          "",
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  size =         "7 pages",
  abstract =     "A dynamic system identification algorithm is developed
                 using the basic mechanisms of clonal selection and an
                 idea of a new evolutionary computing paradigm -- gene
                 expression programming. On the basis of the algorithm
                 developed a computer based system is proposed for
                 making decisions relevant to forecasting of a single
                 variable and multivariate time series. The results of
                 computing experiments achieved with the system
                 developed show high quality of short and medium period
  notes =        "National Technical University of Ukraine KPI",

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