Application of Geno-wavelet Technique to Improve the Location Specific Wave Forecasts

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  author =       "Shreenivas Londhe and Pradnya Dixit and 
                 Shweta Narkhede",
  title =        "Application of Geno-wavelet Technique to Improve the
                 Location Specific Wave Forecasts",
  journal =      "Procedia Engineering",
  volume =       "116",
  pages =        "971--978",
  year =         "2015",
  note =         "8th International Conference on Asian and Pacific
                 Coasts (APAC 2015)",
  ISSN =         "1877-7058",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.08.388",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "Estimation and prediction of the real time information
                 of the oceanographic parameters is of vital importance
                 in India as more than 25percent of the population
                 resides along the coastlines. Information of the
                 significant wave heights is necessary to deal with many
                 oceanographic activities as almost all ocean
                 engineering applications depends on it. Presently
                 Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
                 (INCOIS) provides wave forecasts on regional and local
                 level ranging from 3 hours to 7 days ahead using
                 numerical models ( It is evident
                 from real time observations that the predicted SWHs by
                 a physics based model vary randomly and have non-linear
                 relationship with observed values due to many reasons.
                 Consequently predicted and actual values deviate
                 significantly from each other with an `error' which has
                 to be removed to cater the needs of safe and secure
                 lives residing along Indian coastline. Present work
                 aims in reducing this error in numerical wave forecast
                 made by INCOIS at Ratnagiri station on the south-west
                 coast of India. For this `error' between forecasted and
                 observed waves at current and previous time steps were
                 taken as input to predict the error at 24 to 48 hr
                 ahead lead time in advance using a Geno-Wavelet
                 Technique. Geno-Wavelet Technique is a combination of
                 Genetic Programming (GP) and Discrete Wavelet Transform
                 (DWT). This predicted error was then added or
                 subtracted from numerical wave forecast to improve the
                 prediction accuracy. It is observed that the numerical
                 model forecast improved considerably when the predicted
                 error was added or subtracted from it. It will add to
                 the usefulness of the wave forecasts given by INCOIS to
                 its stake holders.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Wave
                 forecasting, Wavelet Transform, Geno-wavelet

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