A genetic programming free-parameter algorithm for mining association rules

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  author =       "Jose Maria Luna and Jose Raul Romero and 
                 Cristobal Romero and Sebastian Ventura",
  booktitle =    "12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems
                 Design and Applications (ISDA 2012)",
  title =        "A genetic programming free-parameter algorithm for
                 mining association rules",
  year =         "2012",
  pages =        "64--69",
  abstract =     "This paper presents a free-parameter grammar-guided
                 genetic programming algorithm for mining association
                 rules. This algorithm uses a context-free grammar to
                 represent individuals, encoding the solutions in a
                 tree-shape conformant to the grammar, so they are more
                 expressive and flexible. The algorithm here presented
                 has the advantages of using evolutionary algorithms for
                 mining association rules, and it also solves the
                 problem of tuning the huge number of parameters
                 required by these algorithms. The main feature of this
                 algorithm is the small number of parameters required,
                 providing the possibility of discovering association
                 rules in an easy way for non-expert users. We compare
                 our approach to existing evolutionary and exhaustive
                 search algorithms, obtaining important results and
                 overcoming the drawbacks of both exhaustive search and
                 evolutionary algorithms. The experimental stage reveals
                 that this approach discovers frequent and reliable
                 rules without a parameter tuning.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, context-free
                 grammars, data mining, association rules, context-free
                 grammar, free-parameter grammar-guided genetic
                 programming algorithm, mining association rules,
                 nonexpert users, tree-shape conformant, Association
                 rules, Evolutionary computation, Genetics, Grammar,
                 Prediction algorithms, Sociology, Statistics,
                 Association Rules, Data Mining, Free-Parameters",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/ISDA.2012.6416514",
  ISSN =         "2164-7143",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{6416514}",

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