On Heuristics for Seeding the Initial Population of Cartesian Genetic Programming Applied to Combinational Logic Circuits

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  DOI =          "doi:10.1145/2908961.2909031",
  abstract =     "The design of circuits is an important research field
                 and the corresponding optimization problems are complex
                 and computationally expensive. Here, a Cartesian
                 Genetic Programming (CGP) technique was used to design
                 combinational logic circuits. Several configurations
                 were tested for seeding the initial population. First,
                 the number of rows, columns, and levels-back were
                 varied. In addition, the initial population was
                 generated using only NAND gates. These configurations
                 were compared with results from the literature in four
                 benchmark circuits, where in all instances it was
                 possible to find that some seeding configurations
                 contributed beneficially to the evolutionary process,
                 allowing CGP to find a solution employing a lower
                 number of fitness evaluations. Finally, the variation
                 of the number of nodes of the individuals during the
                 search was also analysed and the results showed that
                 there is a correlation between the topology of the
                 initial population and the region of the search space
                 which is explored.",
  notes =        "Distributed at GECCO-2016.",

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