Evolutionary Algorithms

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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Ant colony
                 optimization, Artificial immune system, Ecological
                 modeling, Estimation of distribution algorithm,
                 Evolution strategy, Evolutionary algorithm,
                 Evolutionary computation, Machine learning, Messy
                 genetic algorithm, Model fitting, Optimization,
                 Particle swarm algorithm",
  abstract =     "Evolutionary algorithms are widely used in ecological
                 modeling. Darwin's theory of natural selection can be
                 viewed as an algorithm for evolving fit organisms, with
                 fit in this context meaning survivable. The insight of
                 evolutionary computation is that the same algorithm can
                 be applied to populations of problem solutions, with
                 the fitness metric being defined so as to suit the
                 requirements of the user. Subsequent advances in
                 evolutionary theory can then be viewed as algorithm
                 refinements, worthy of evaluation for possible
                 inclusion in the method. Applications in ecological
                 modeling range from tuning parameters of predefined
                 models to fit the data, through generating predictive
                 and/or explanatory models directly from the data, to
                 modeling the coevolutionary processes in ecological
                 systems. The original systems, evolution strategies and
                 genetic algorithms (GAs), have since been joined by a
                 family of related algorithms, notably classifier
                 systems, genetic programming, messy GAs, estimation of
                 distribution algorithms, ant colony and particle swarm
                 algorithms, and artificial immune systems, all of which
                 have something to offer the ecological modeler.",
  notes =        "Author given as {"}B{"} McKay",

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