GECCO 2013 tutorial: cartesian genetic programming

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  abstract =     "Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP) is an increasingly
                 popular and efficient form of Genetic Programming.
                 Cartesian Genetic Programming is a highly cited
                 technique that was developed by Julian Miller in 1999
                 and 2000 from some earlier joint work of Julian Miller
                 with Peter Thomson in 1997.

                 In its classic form, it uses a very simple integer
                 based genetic representation of a program in the form
                 of a directed graph. Graphs are very useful program
                 representations and can be applied to many domains
                 (e.g. electronic circuits, neural networks). In a
                 number of studies, CGP has been shown to be
                 comparatively efficient to other GP techniques. It is
                 also very simple to program.

                 Since then, the classical form of CGP has been
                 developed made more efficient in various ways. Notably
                 by including automatically defined functions (modular
                 CGP) and self-modification operators (self-modifying
                 CGP). SMCGP was developed by Julian Miller, Simon
                 Harding and Wolfgang Banzhaf. It uses functions that
                 cause the evolved programs to change themselves as a
                 function of time. Using this technique it is possible
                 to find general solutions to classes of problems and
                 mathematical algorithms (e.g. arbitrary parity, n-bit
                 binary addition, sequences that provably compute pi and
                 e to arbitrary precision, and so on).

                 This tutorial is will cover the basic technique,
                 advanced developments and applications to a variety of
                 problem domains. The first edited book on CGP was
                 published by Springer in September 2011. CGP has its
                 own dedicated website",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2464578} Distributed at

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