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GP coauthors/coeditors: Akram Abbaspour, Davood Farsadizadeh, Rahman Khatibi, Ali Aytek, Oleg Makarynskyy, Jalal Shiri, H Asadi, P Yousefi, Shahab Kavehkar, Valeriy Khokhlov, Afshin Ashrafzadeh, Sabereh Darbandi, Mahsa Hasanpour Kashani, Ozgur Kisi,

Genetic Programming Articles by Mohammad Ali Ghorbani

  1. Akram Abbaspour and Davood Farsadizadeh and Mohammad Ali Ghorbani. Estimation of hydraulic jump on corrugated bed using artificial neural networks and genetic programming. Water Science and Engineering, 6(2):189-198, 2013. details

  2. Rahman Khatibi and Mohammad Ali Ghorbani and Mahsa Hasanpour Kashani and Ozgur Kisi. Comparison of three artificial intelligence techniques for discharge routing. Journal of Hydrology, 403(3-4):201-212, 2011. details

  3. Shahab Kavehkar and Mohammad Ali Ghorbani and Valeriy Khokhlov and Afshin Ashrafzadeh and Sabereh Darbandi. Exploiting Two Intelligent Models to Predict Water Level: A field study of Urmia lake, Iran. International Science Index, 5(3):731-735, 2011. details

  4. Mohammad Ali Ghorbani and Rahman Khatibi and Ali Aytek and Oleg Makarynskyy and Jalal Shiri. Sea water level forecasting using genetic programming and comparing the performance with Artificial Neural Networks. Computer \& Geosciences, 36(5):620-627, 2010. details

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