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GP coauthors/coeditors: Abdul Majid, Tae Sun Choi, Jongwoo Han, Young Kyu Choi, Choong-Hwan Lee, Muhammad Sharif, Arfan Jaffar,

Genetic Programming Articles by Muhammad Tariq Mahmood

  1. Muhammad Sharif and Muhammad Arfan Jaffar and Muhammad Tariq Mahmood. Optimal composite morphological supervised filter for image denoising using genetic programming: Application to magnetic resonance images. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 31:78-89, 2014. Special Issue: Advances in Evolutionary Optimization Based Image Processing. details

  2. Muhammad Tariq Mahmood and Abdul Majid and Jongwoo Han and Young Kyu Choi. Genetic programming based blind image deconvolution for surveillancesystems. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 26(3):1115-1123, 2013. details

  3. Abdul Majid and Choong-Hwan Lee and M. Tariq Mahmood and Tae-Sun Choi. Impulse noise filtering based on noise-free pixels using genetic programming. Knowledge and Information Systems, 32(3):505-526, 2012. details

  4. Muhammad Tariq Mahmood and Abdul Majid and Tae-Sun Choi. Optimal depth estimation by combining focus measures using genetic programming. Information Sciences, 181(7):1249-1263, 2011. details

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