The convergence strategies and pause matter for evolutionary modeling

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  author =       "He Ni and Gang Chen and Fengrui Sun",
  title =        "The convergence strategies and pause matter for
                 evolutionary modeling",
  booktitle =    "29th Chinese Control Conference (CCC 2010)",
  year =         "2010",
  month =        jul,
  pages =        "5216--5223",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "As the application of genetic programming in
                 mathematical modelling, evolutionary modeling method
                 provided an effective means for the describing of the
                 higher-order or nonlinear systems. Although
                 evolutionary modelling method displayed strong aptitude
                 and self-learning ability in applications, its academic
                 groundwork is instable, one of the reasons is the
                 evolutionary arithmetic, which this method adopted, is
                 a sort of stochastic optimize arithmetic, its
                 convergence theory wants strict mathematic demonstrate.
                 Studying the convergence abilities of evolutionary
                 modeling based on the works of other researchers, and
                 deduced a recurrence formula of the probability of
                 groups containing satisfying solutions by analyzing the
                 diagnostic parameters of algorithmic operators. A
                 sufficient term of group convergence is educed
                 consequently out of this formula, and thereby the
                 operable convergence strategies for several familiar
                 evolutionary patterns are provided. The pause time of
                 evolutionary modeling are also included, which can
                 guide the design of the modeling arithmetic.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, convergence
                 strategies, evolutionary modelling, higher order
                 systems, mathematical modeling, nonlinear systems,
                 pause matter, self learning ability, stochastic
                 optimize arithmetic, convergence, mathematical
                 analysis, nonlinear systems, stochastic processes",
  notes =        "In chinese. Res. Certain of Naval Power Plant
                 Simulation, Naval Univ. of Eng., Wuhan, China Also
                 known as \cite{5573410}",

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