The Impact of Software Instrumentation on Clinical Evaluations

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  author =       "Andrew J. Novobilski and Francis M. Fesmire and 
                 Rachel Palmiero",
  title =        "The Impact of Software Instrumentation on Clinical
  booktitle =    "ANNIE 2006, Intelligent Engineering Systems through
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Bayesian
                 Networks, datamining",
  isbn13 =       "0791802566",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1115/1.802566.paper37",
  abstract =     "Advances in datamining have allowed for the
                 development a new class of diagnostic tools for use by
                 clinical practitioners in critical care situations.
                 These tools enhance the clinician's diagnostic
                 expertise by providing additional information based on
                 a specific case being evaluated. This paper presents a
                 comparison of the diagnostic capabilities in three
                 situations; the clinician's assessment, the diagnostic
                 tool's assessment, and the assessment made by combining
                 the clinician's diagnosis with the information
                 contained in tool. The tool, a Bayesian Network
                 generated using a Genetic Algorithm based search
                 framework, used a dataset created from initial case
                 data collected in an emergency room setting. The
                 results indicate that while the clinician out performs
                 the tool in ruling out ACS, there is a significant
                 improvement overall when the clinician's assessment is
                 added to the tool's input.",
  notes =        "Bio-Informatics and Computational Biology",

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