Genetic programming: a tutorial introduction

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  abstract =     "Genetic programming emerged in the early 1990's as one
                 of the most exciting new evolutionary algorithm
                 paradigms. It has rapidly grown into a thriving area of
                 research and application. While sharing the
                 evolutionary inspired algorithm principles of a genetic
                 algorithm, it differs by exploiting an executable
                 genome. Genetic programming evolves a 'program' to
                 solve a problem rather than a single solution. This
                 tutorial introduces the basic genetic programming
                 framework. It explains how the powerful capability of
                 genetic programming is derived from modular algorithmic
                 components: executable representations such as an
                 abstract syntax tree, variation operators that preserve
                 syntax and explore a variable length, hierarchical
                 solution space, appropriately chosen programming
                 functions and fitness function specification.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2605336} Distributed at

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