Knowledge and intelligent computing system in medicine

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  title =        "Knowledge and intelligent computing system in
  author =       "Babita Pandey and R. B. Mishra",
  journal =      "Computers in Biology and Medicine",
  volume =       "39",
  number =       "3",
  pages =        "215--230",
  year =         "2009",
  ISSN =         "0010-4825",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1016/j.compbiomed.2008.12.008",
  URL =          "",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, ANN, CBR,
                 MBR, RBR, KBS, GA, Fuzzy logic, Intelligent computing
  abstract =     "Knowledge-based systems (KBS) and intelligent
                 computing systems have been used in the medical
                 planning, diagnosis and treatment. The KBS consists of
                 rule-based reasoning (RBR), case-based reasoning (CBR)
                 and model-based reasoning (MBR) whereas intelligent
                 computing method (ICM) encompasses genetic algorithm
                 (GA), artificial neural network (ANN), fuzzy logic (FL)
                 and others. The combination of methods in KBS such as
                 CBR-RBR, CBR-MBR and RBR-CBR-MBR and the combination of
                 methods in ICM is ANN-GA, fuzzy-ANN, fuzzy-GA and
                 fuzzy-ANN-GA. The combination of methods from KBS to
                 ICM is RBR-ANN, CBR-ANN, RBR-CBR-ANN, fuzzy-RBR,
                 fuzzy-CBR and fuzzy-CBR-ANN. In this paper, we have
                 made a study of different singular and combined methods
                 (185 in number) applicable to medical domain from mid
                 1970s to 2008. The study is presented in tabular form,
                 showing the methods and its salient features, processes
                 and application areas in medical domain (diagnosis,
                 treatment and planning). It is observed that most of
                 the methods are used in medical diagnosis very few are
                 used for planning and moderate number in treatment. The
                 study and its presentation in this context would be
                 helpful for novice researchers in the area of medical
                 expert system.",
  notes =        "survey.

                 Babita Pandey is a Research Scholar in the Department
                 of Computer Engineering, IT, BHU, India.

                 R.B. Mishra is a Reader in the Department of Computer
                 Engineering, IT, BHU, India,",

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