PyshGP: PushGP in Python

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  author =       "Edward Pantridge and Lee Spector",
  title =        "{PyshGP}: {PushGP} in Python",
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary
                 Computation Conference Companion",
  series =       "GECCO '17",
  year =         "2017",
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  DOI =          "doi:10.1145/3067695.3082468",
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  publisher =    "ACM",
  publisher_address = "New York, NY, USA",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, machine
  month =        "15-19 " # jul,
  abstract =     "The PushGP genetic programming system, which evolves
                 programs expressed in the Push programming language,
                 has been used for a variety of research projects and
                 applications over its sixteen-year history. PushGP
                 relies on an implementation of the Push language in a
                 host language, and it is generally easiest to use
                 PushGP in projects in which most other components, such
                 as fitness functions and data access instructions, are
                 written in the same host language. While versions of
                 Push have been written in nearly a dozen different
                 languages, a full-featured implementation in Python
                 would make it available to a particularly large user
                 base, and facilitate its integration with a wide range
                 of existing data science tools. This paper presents
                 pyshgp as an open-source PushGP framework implemented
                 in the Python programming language, and describes some
                 of its features for data science applications.",
  notes =        "Also known as
                 \cite{Pantridge:2017:PPP:3067695.3082468} GECCO-2017 A
                 Recombination of the 26th International Conference on
                 Genetic Algorithms (ICGA-2017) and the 22nd Annual
                 Genetic Programming Conference (GP-2017)",

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