Automatic Generation of Algorithms for the Binary Knapsack Problem

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  article_id =   "1355",
  author =       "Lucas Parada and Mauricio Sepulveda and 
                 Carlos Herrera and Victor Parada",
  title =        "Automatic Generation of Algorithms for the Binary
                 Knapsack Problem",
  booktitle =    "2013 IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation",
  volume =       "1",
  year =         "2013",
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  editor =       "Luis Gerardo {de la Fraga}",
  pages =        "3148--3152",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  isbn13 =       "978-1-4799-0453-2",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/CEC.2013.6557954",
  abstract =     "Because it is classified as NP-hard, the binary
                 knapsack problem is a good example of a combinatorial
                 optimization problem that still presents increased
                 difficulty when attempting to determine the optimal
                 solution for any instance. Although exact and heuristic
                 methods have been developed in an attempt to solve the
                 problem, such methods have been unable to solve even
                 small instances of the problem. In this paper, new
                 algorithms for this problem are automatically generated
                 by means of genetic programming from sets of training
                 instances of different sizes and are then evaluated
                 against other larger sized sets of instances, thereby
                 detecting the robustness of the algorithms for larger
                 instances. Overall, the produced algorithms are able to
                 identify up to 52percent of the optimal solutions for
                 the biggest instances used.",
  notes =        "CEC 2013 - A joint meeting of the IEEE, the EPS and
                 the IET.",

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