An Investigation into the use of Genetic Programming for Intelligent Network Service Creation

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  author =       "Peter Martin",
  title =        "An Investigation into the use of Genetic Programming
                 for Intelligent Network Service Creation",
  school =       "Bournemouth University",
  year =         "1998",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "Service creation is crucial to the success of
                 Intelligent Networks (IN). However, the time required
                 to develop complex services is increasing. By reducing
                 the elapsed time needed to generate the service logic
                 and by reducing the opportunity for implementation
                 errors to appear in the service logic, a higher quality
                 IN service can be delivered. This project explores an
                 alternative method to the existing manual service
                 creation, by exploiting the properties of Genetic
                 Programming (GP). Genetic Programming is a powerful
                 method for evolving computer programs via the process
                 of natural selection. [Koz92]. The use of Genetic
                 Programming to produce service logic programs for IN is
                 analysed and a number of key features identified.
                 Principally for GP to be of benefit to IN it must be
                 able to reduce the time to create a service and reduce
                 the number of implementation errors in the resultant
                 program. Experimental evidence is presented that shows
                 that using Genetic Programming is a viable method for
                 service creation in Intelligent Networks, and can
                 reduce the time to create a program by several orders
                 of magnitude compared to a human. The case is also
                 argued that since GP needs a fitness function to be
                 developed, the initial specification should be of a
                 higher quality than one produced for a human
                 programmer, thereby reducing the number of errors in
                 the final program. To implement the experimental
                 prototype, existing methods of evolving complex systems
                 using GP were researched. A new method of ensuring the
                 property of closure is presented that does not
                 constrain the development of novel service logic
                 implementations, in contrast to existing methods
                 commonly employed in GP.

                 Further work is identified at the end to improve upon
                 the performance and to explore more complex services.",
  notes =        "See \cite{martin:2000:GPscin}, The project is based on
                 the excellent Genetic Programming Kernel by Thomas
                 Weinbrenner. GPSC.CC code in

                 pix 'Finally I would like to thank Marconi
                 Communications Limited, formerly GPT Limited for
                 sponsoring me to do this MSc.'",

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