Artificially evolved soft computing models for photovoltaic power plant output estimation

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  author =       "Lukas Prokop and Stanislav Misak and Tomas Novosad and 
                 Pavel Kromer and Jan Platos and Vaclav Snasel",
  booktitle =    "IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and
                 Cybernetics (SMC 2012)",
  title =        "Artificially evolved soft computing models for
                 photovoltaic power plant output estimation",
  year =         "2012",
  pages =        "1011--1016",
  month =        oct # " 14-17",
  address =      "Seoul, Korea",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/ICSMC.2012.6377861",
  size =         "6 pages",
  abstract =     "Renewable energy sources are becoming a significant
                 part of today's energy mix. The unstable production of
                 many renewable energy sources including photovoltaic
                 and wind power plants puts increased demands on power
                 transmission systems and on the power grid as a whole.
                 Soft computing methods can contribute to the prediction
                 of electric energy production of renewable resources
                 and therefore to the reliability of the power
                 transmission networks. This work compares two soft
                 computing methods that use genetic programming to
                 evolve predictors of a selected renewable energy
                 resource that meets the real world criterion of high
                 output variance and relatively large installed power
                 (in context of the power distribution system of the
                 Czech Republic).",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, distribution
                 networks, neural nets, photovoltaic power systems,
                 power engineering computing, power grids, power
                 transmission reliability, Czech Republic, artificially
                 evolved soft computing model, electric energy
                 production prediction, flexible neural tree,
                 hierarchical neural network, photovoltaic power plant
                 output estimation, power distribution system, power
                 grid, power transmission network reliability, power
                 transmission system, renewable energy sources, wind
                 power plant, Photovoltaic systems, Sociology,
                 Statistics, flexible neural trees, fuzzy rules,
                 photovoltaic power plant, prediction",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{6377861}",

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