Code Bloat Problem in Genetic Programming

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                 Aruna Tiwari",
  title =        "Code Bloat Problem in Genetic Programming",
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  size =         "5 pages",
  abstract =     "The concept of bloat in Genetic Programming is a
                 well-established phenomenon characterised by
                 variable-length genomes gradually increasing in size
                 during evolution [1]. Bloat hampers the efficiency and
                 ability of genetic programming for solving problems. A
                 range of explanations have been proposed for the
                 problem of bloat, including destructive crossover and
                 mutation operators, selection pressure and individual
                 representation. Different methods to avoid bloat and to
                 control bloat have been proposed by researchers. This
                 paper proposes a theoretical analysis of code bloating
                 problem and the discussion on the work already done by
                 various authors to handle bloat in genetic

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