Design of Nanotechnology Products

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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Lisp-like
                 expressions, Power management, Young's modulus,
                 Intellectual property",
  abstract =     "This chapter elaborates some peculiar features
                 associated with design of nano devices, here defined as
                 devices incorporating nano-materials. The most obvious
                 consequence of nanotechnology is the creation of very
                 small objects, an immediate corollary is that there
                 must be a great many of these objects. Processor chips,
                 which are presently the most xxx objects in the nano
                 world, aspects requiring special attention are: power
                 management, especially to control leakage; process
                 variability, which may require a new conception of
                 architectural features; and a systems-oriented
                 approach, integrating functions and constraints, rather
                 than considering the performance of individual
                 transistors. Evolutionary design principles may become
                 essential for designing nanodevices. Genetic
                 programming is closer to natural selection. Human
                 knowledge can be captured not only in the design of the
                 algorithms, but also by incorporating an interactive
                 stage in the fitness evaluation. Nanotechnology, by
                 allowing rapid material prototyping, should greatly
                 enhance the real availability of novelty.",

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