Predicting Number of Faults in Software System using Genetic Programming

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  author =       "Santosh S. Rathore and Sandeep Kumar",
  title =        "Predicting Number of Faults in Software System using
                 Genetic Programming",
  journal =      "Procedia Computer Science",
  volume =       "62",
  pages =        "303--311",
  year =         "2015",
  note =         "Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on
                 Soft Computing and Software Engineering (SCSE'15)",
  ISSN =         "1877-0509",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.08.454",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "In software development perspective, dealing with
                 software faults is a vital and foremost important task.
                 Presence of faults not only reduces the quality of the
                 software, but also increases its development cost. A
                 large number of models have been presented in the past
                 to predict the fault proneness of the software system.
                 However, most of them provide inadequate information
                 and thus make the task of fault prediction difficult.
                 In this paper, we present an approach to predict the
                 number of faults in the given software system using the
                 Genetic Programming (GP). We validate the proposed
                 approach using an experimental investigation where we
                 use the fault datasets of the ten software projects
                 available in the PROMISE data repository. The Error
                 rate, Recall and Completeness of the fault prediction
                 model are used to evaluate the performance of the
                 proposed approach. The results show that GP based
                 models have produced the significant results for the
                 number of faults prediction.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Software
                 Fault Prediction, Number of Faults",

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