Genetic fuzzy programs

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  author =       "Isaac J. Sledge and James M. Keller",
  title =        "Genetic fuzzy programs",
  booktitle =    "Annual Meeting of the North American Fuzzy Information
                 Processing Society, NAFIPS 2008",
  year =         "2008",
  month =        may,
  pages =        "1--6",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, decision
                 making, decision-making behavior, evolutionary network
                 learning approach, genetic fuzzy programs,
                 weight-biased behavior, fuzzy set theory",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/NAFIPS.2008.4531236",
  abstract =     "When aggregating multiple items together, for
                 processes such as decision making, it is often
                 beneficial to assign linguistically imprecise weights
                 to each criterion. These weights, when coupled with the
                 values of the criteria, enable us to prioritize certain
                 responses over others. Through the advent of fuzzy
                 connectives, computers can also emulate this
                 weight-biased, decision-making behavior. However, when
                 crafting an aggregation network for a complex problem,
                 the solution may require not just a single fuzzy
                 aggregator, but rather multiple layers of intimately
                 entwined fuzzy connectives. To explore a suitable
                 hierarchical relationship, we use genetic programming,
                 to evolve both fuzzy aggregation networks, which take
                 the form of multi arity expression trees, and the
                 associated connective weights. We test our evolutionary
                 network learning approach with synthetic and real-world
                 data sets and discuss the results.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{4531236}",

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