Co-evolutionary Genetic Programming for Dataset Similarity Induction

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  author =       "Jakub Smid and Martin Pilat and Klara Peskova and 
                 Roman Neruda",
  title =        "Co-evolutionary Genetic Programming for Dataset
                 Similarity Induction",
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of 2015 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary
                 Computation (CEC 2015)",
  year =         "2015",
  editor =       "Yadahiko Murata",
  pages =        "1160--1166",
  address =      "Sendai, Japan",
  month =        "25-28 " # may,
  publisher =    "IEEE Press",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/CEC.2015.7257020",
  abstract =     "Metalearning deals with an important problem in
                 machine-learning, namely selecting the right techniques
                 to model the data at hand. In most of the meta learning
                 approaches, a notion of similarity between datasets is
                 needed. Our approach derives the similarity measure by
                 combining arbitrary attribute similarity functions
                 ordered by the optimal attribute assignment. In this
                 paper, we propose a genetic programming based approach
                 to the evolution of an attribute similarity inducing
                 function. The function is composed of two parts - one
                 describes the similarity of categorical attributes, the
                 other describes the similarity of numerical attributes.
                 Co-evolution is used to put these two parts together to
                 form the similarity function. We use a repairing
                 approach to guarantee some of the metric features for
                 this function, and also discuss which of these features
                 are important in metalearning.",
  notes =        "1315 hrs 15474 CEC2015",

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