Medical Applications of Evolutionary Computation

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  abstract =     "The application of genetic and evolutionary
                 computation to problems in medicine has increased
                 rapidly over the past five years, but there are
                 specific issues and challenges that distinguish it from
                 other real-world applications. Obtaining reliable and
                 coherent patient data, establishing the clinical need
                 and demonstrating value in the results obtained are all
                 aspects that require careful and detailed

                 This tutorial is based on research which uses genetic
                 programming (a representation of Cartesian Genetic
                 Programming) in the diagnosis and monitoring of
                 Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and other
                 neurodegenerative conditions, as well as in the early
                 detection of breast cancer through automated assessment
                 of mammograms. The work is supported by multiple
                 clinical studies in progress in the UK (Leeds General
                 Infirmary), USA (UCSF), UAE (Dubai Rashid Hospital),
                 Australia (Monash Medical Center) and Singapore
                 (National Neuroscience Institute). The technology is
                 protected through three patent applications and a
                 University spin-out company marketing four medical

                 The tutorial considers the following

                 Introduction to medical applications of genetic and
                 evolutionary computation and how these differ from
                 other real-world applications Overview of past work in
                 the from a medical and evolutionary computation point
                 of view Three case examples of medical applications: i.
                 diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson's disease ii.
                 detection of beast cancer from mammograms iii. cancer
                 screening using Raman spectroscopy Practical advice on
                 how to get started working on medical applications,
                 including existing medical databases and conducting new
                 medical studies, commercialization and protecting
                 intellectual property. Summary, further reading and
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2756567} Distributed at

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