Expressive Genetic Programming: Concepts and Applications

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  author =       "Lee Spector and Nicholas Freitag McPhee",
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  abstract =     "The language in which evolving programs are expressed
                 can have significant impacts on the dynamics and
                 problem-solving capabilities of a genetic programming
                 system. In GP these impacts are driven by far more than
                 the absolute computational power of the languages used;
                 just because a computation is theoretically possible in
                 a language, it doesn't mean it's readily discoverable
                 or leveraged by evolution. Highly expressive languages
                 can facilitate the evolution of programs for any
                 computable function using, as appropriate, multiple
                 data types, evolved subroutines, evolved control
                 structures, evolved data structures, and evolved
                 modular program and data architectures. In some cases
                 expressive languages can even support the evolution of
                 programs that express methods for their own
                 reproduction and variation (and hence for the evolution
                 of their offspring).

                 This tutorial will present a range of approaches that
                 have been taken for evolving programs in expressive
                 programming languages. We will...",
  notes =        "tutorial",

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