Visualising Tierra's tree of life using Netmap

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  author =       "Russell K. Standish and John Galloway",
  title =        "Visualising {Tierra's} tree of life using {Netmap}",
  booktitle =    "ALife VIII Workshop proceedings",
  year =         "2002",
  editor =       "Eleanora Bilotta and Dominique Gross and Tom Smith and 
                 Tom Lenaerts and Seth Bullock and 
                 Henrik Hautup Lund and Jon Bird and Richard Watson and Pietro Pantano and 
                 Luigi Pagliarini and Hussein Abbass and 
                 Russell Standish and Mark Bedau",
  pages =        "171--175",
  address =      "Sydney, Australia",
  month =        "10 " # dec,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  ISBN =         "0-7317-0509-2",
  URL =          "",
  size =         "5 pages",
  abstract =     "We report on some preliminary results of a project
                 using Netmap to visualise the network of genotypes
                 generated in an evolutionary run of Tierra (the {\em
                 tree of life\/}). Netmap is a sophisticated tool for
                 visualising and analysing any dataset containing a
                 network of graph structure. It has been successfully
                 used for fraud detection in a number of commercial
                 datamining projects, in the insurance and retail
                 sector. It has the potential for detecting unusual
                 relationships in the wide varieties of networks
                 generated in Complex Systems.",
  notes =        " containedin =

                 neutral evolution, emergent networks p172 {"}results
                 only preliminary{"}. p174 {"}What is surprising is the
                 very small role played by neutral evolution{"}",

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