Managing Information Complexity of Supply Chains via Agent-Based Genetic Programming

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  acknowledgement = ack-nhfb,
  size =         "1 page",
  abstract =     "This paper proposes agent-based formulation of a
                 Supply Chain Management (SCM) system for manufacturing
                 firms. We model each firm as an intelligent agent,
                 which communicates each other through the blackboard
                 architecture in distributed artificial intelligence. To
                 cope with the issues of conventional SCM systems, we
                 employ the concept of information entropy, which
                 represents the complexity of the purchase, sales, and
                 inventory activities of each firm. Based on the idea,
                 we implement an agent-based simulator to learn `good'
                 decisions via genetic programming in a logic
                 programming environment. From intensive experiments,
                 our simulator have shown good performance against the
                 dynamic environmental changes.",

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