Automated Bug Fixing: An Interview with Westley Weimer, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia and Martin Monperrus, University of Lille and INRIA, Lille, France

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  author =       "Walter Tichy",
  title =        "Automated Bug Fixing: An Interview with {Westley
                 Weimer}, Department of Computer Science, {University of
                 Virginia} and {Martin Monperrus}, {University of Lille
                 and INRIA, Lille, France}",
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  size =         "11 pages",
  abstract =     "Fixing bugs manually is expensive, time-consuming, and
                 unpleasant. How about getting the computer to fix the
                 bugs, automatically? Automatically repairing them might
                 save us from misunderstandings, lack of time,
                 carelessness, or plain old laziness. But this brings
                 into question some fundamental limitations. Yet in the
                 past 10 years, a number of young scientists have taken
                 on automatic bug fixing. This interview discusses the
                 approximations currently in use and how far they can
                 take us.",
  notes =        "who invented automatic bugfixing?

                 Sigrid Eldh at Ericsson Cites \cite{LeGoues:2012:ICSE}
                 \cite{legouesWFSQJO2013} \cite{Weimer:2009:ICES}

                 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Also known
                 as \cite{Tichy:2015:ABF:2752510.2746519}",

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