Data Mining in Transcriptomics and Proteomics

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  author =       "Cuong Chieu To",
  title =        "Data Mining in Transcriptomics and Proteomics",
  school =       "University of West Bohemia in Pilsen",
  year =         "2006",
  address =      "30614 Pilsen, Czech Republic",
  month =        jun,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  size =         "122 pages",
  abstract =     "This work presents algorithms based on evolutionary
                 computation for pattern classification and
                 identification of protein networks and their
                 application for transcriptomics and proteomics
                 databases. There are three parts in this work. The
                 first part (chapters 1-3) brings overview of pattern
                 recognition methods applied in biology, pattern
                 classification algorithms using evolutionary
                 computation, and methods for inference of protein
                 networks. Chapter 2 and 3 are overview of background
                 methods such as genetic algorithm, genetic programming,
                 kernel methods and cluster analysis. The second part
                 consists of chapters 4 to 8. Two algorithms for binary
                 classification and three for single class
                 classification are shown. Their applications for
                 transcriptomics and proteomics database and comparisons
                 with six popular pattern classification methods are
                 tested. The last part which contains chapter 9 and 10
                 shows two algorithms for inference of protein
                 interaction networks. Parallel evolutionary computing
                 using the island model was applied in the second part
                 and the third part to increase the performance and the
                 quality of results. Chapter 11 presents the programs
                 using the above mentioned algorithms. In appendix B,
                 two breast cancer databases are used to test the
                 pattern classification algorithms that are mentioned in
                 the second part.",
  notes =        "Copies of this report are available on

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