A behavior-based analysis of modal problems

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  abstract =     "Genetic programming (GP) has proved to be a powerful
                 tool for (semi)automated problem solving in various
                 domains. However, while the algorithmic aspects of GP
                 have been a primary object of study, there is a need to
                 enhance the understanding of the problems where GP is
                 applied. One particular goal is to categorise problems
                 in a meaningful way, in order to select the best tools
                 that can possibly be used to solve them. This paper
                 studies modal problems, a conceptual class of problems
                 recently proposed by Spector at GECCO 2012. Modal
                 problems are those for which a solution program
                 requires different modes of operation for different
                 contexts. The thesis of this paper is that modality, in
                 this sense, is better understood by analysing program
                 performance in behavioural space. The behaviour-based
                 perspective is seen as part of a scale of different
                 forms of analysing performance; with a coarse view
                 given by a global fitness value and a highly detailed
                 view provided by the semantics approach. On the other
                 hand, behavioral analysis is seen as a flexible
                 approach where the context of a program's performance
                 is considered at in a domain-specific manner. The
                 experimental evidence presented here suggests that
                 behaviour-based search could allow a GP to find
                 programs with disjoint behavioural structures, that can
                 satisfy the requirements of each mode of operation of a
                 modal problem.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2482682} Distributed at

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