Evolution of Autonomous Self-Righting Behaviors for Articulated Nanorovers

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  author =       "E. Tunstel",
  title =        "Evolution of Autonomous Self-Righting Behaviors for
                 Articulated Nanorovers",
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  language =     "en",
  oai =          "oai:CiteSeerXPSU:",
  abstract =     "Miniature rovers with articulated mobility mechanisms
                 are being developed for planetary surface exploration
                 on Mars and small solar system bodies. These vehicles
                 are designed to be capable of autonomous recovery from
                 overturning during surface operations. This paper
                 describes a proposed computational means of developing
                 motion behaviours that achieve the autonomous recovery
                 function. Its aim is to reduce the effort involved in
                 developing self-righting control behaviors. The
                 approach is based on the integration of evolutionary
                 computing with a dynamics simulation environment for
                 evolving and evaluating motion behaviours. The
                 automated behavior design approach is outlined and its
                 underlying genetic programming infrastructure is
  notes =        "WEA-22-4 http://conferences.esa.int/99a02/index.html",

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