Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Vahid Nourani

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ali Danandeh Mehr, Bahrudin Hrnjica, Amir Molajou, Aida Hosseini Baghanam, Jan Adamowski, Ozgur Kisi,

Genetic Programming Articles by Vahid Nourani

  1. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Vahid Nourani. Season Algorithm-Multigene Genetic Programming: A New Approach for Rainfall-Runoff Modelling. Water Resources Management, 32(8):2665-2679, 2018. details

  2. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Vahid Nourani. A Pareto-optimal moving average-multigene genetic programming model for rainfall-runoff modelling. Environmental Modelling \& Software, 92:239-251, 2017. details

  3. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Vahid Nourani and Bahrudin Hrnjica and Amir Molajou. A binary genetic programing model for teleconnection identification between global sea surface temperature and local maximum monthly rainfall events. Journal of Hydrology, 555:397-406, 2017. details

  4. Vahid Nourani and Aida Hosseini Baghanam and Jan Adamowski and Ozgur Kisi. Applications of hybrid wavelet-Artificial Intelligence models in hydrology: A review. Journal of Hydrology, 514:358-377, 2014. details