Data-Based Identification of Prediction Models for Glucose

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  abstract =     "Diabetes mellitus is a disease that affects to
                 hundreds of million of people worldwide. Maintaining a
                 good control of the disease is critical to avoid severe
                 long-term complications. One of the main problems that
                 arise in the (semi) automatic control of diabetes, is
                 to get a model explaining how glucose levels in blood
                 vary with insulin, food intakes and other factors,
                 fitting the characteristics of each individual or
                 patient. In this paper we compare genetic programming
                 techniques with a set of classical identification
                 techniques: classical simple exponential smoothing,
                 Holt's smoothing (linear, exponential and damped),
                 classical Holt and Winters methods and auto regressive
                 integrated moving average modelling. We consider
                 predictions horizons of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.
                 Experimental results shows the difficulty of predicting
                 glucose values for more than 60 minutes and the
                 necessity of adapt GP techniques for those dynamic
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