Identification of Web Service Refactoring Opportunities as a Multi-objective Problem

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  author =       "Hanzhang Wang and Ali Ouni and Marouane Kessentini and 
                 Bruce Maxim and William I. Grosky",
  booktitle =    "2016 IEEE International Conference on Web Services
  title =        "Identification of Web Service Refactoring
                 Opportunities as a Multi-objective Problem",
  year =         "2016",
  pages =        "586--593",
  abstract =     "We propose, in this paper, to consider the problem of
                 Web service anti-patterns detection as a
                 multi-objective problem where examples of Web service
                 anti patterns and well-designed code are used to
                 generate detection rules. To this end, we use
                 multi-objective genetic programming (MOGP) to find the
                 best combination of metrics that maximizes the
                 detection of Web service antipattern examples and
                 minimises the detection of well-designed Web service
                 design examples. We report the results of an empirical
                 study using 8 different types of common Web service
                 antipatterns. We compared our multi-objective
                 formulation with random search, one existing
                 mono-objective approach, and one state-of-the-art
                 detection technique not based on heuristic search.
                 Statistical analysis of the obtained results
                 demonstrates that our approach is efficient in
                 antipattern detection, on average, with a precision
                 score of 94percent and a recall score of 92percent.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/ICWS.2016.81",
  month =        jun,
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{7558051}",

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