Identification and Fault Detection of Non-Linear Dynamic Systems

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  author =       "Marcin Witczak",
  title =        "Identification and Fault Detection of Non-Linear
                 Dynamic Systems",
  school =       "Computer Science and Telecommunications, University of
                 Zielona Gora",
  year =         "2003",
  address =      "Poland",
  email =        "",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, fault
                 diagnosis, system identification",
  URL =          "",
  ISBN =         "83-88317-65-2",
  size =         "124 pages",
  start =        "It is well known that there is an increasing demand
                 for modern systems to become more effective and
                 reliable. This real world development pressure has
                 transformed automatic control, initially perceived as
                 the art of designing a satisfactory system, into the
                 modern science that it is today. The observed
                 increasing complexity of modern systems necessitates
                 the development of new control techniques. To tackle
                 this problem, it is obviously profitable to have all
                 the knowledge concerning a system behaviour.
                 Undoubtedly, an adequate model of a system can be a
                 tool providing such knowledge. Models can be useful for
                 system analysis, e.g. to predict or to simulate a
                 system behaviour. Indeed, nowadays, advanced techniques
                 for designing controllers are also based on models of
                 systems. Application of models leads directly to the
                 problem of system identification.",
  streszczenie = "W pracy rozpatruje sie zagadnienia zwińÖzane z
                 detekcja uszkodzen i identyfikacja nieliniowych
                 systemow dynamicznych. Cel pracy mozna podzielic na
                 dwie czesci. Pierwsza z nich dotyczy opracowania
                 metodologii konstruowania modeli nieliniowych systemow
                 dynamicznych z zastosowaniem programowania
                 genetycznego. Natomiast druga projektowania odpornych
                 obserwatorow stanu do zadan detekcji uszkodzen. W
                 szczegolnosci zostaly przeanalizowane i zbadane
                 nastepujace problemy:",
  notes =        "In english.

                 University of Zielona Gora Press, LaTeX2e Supervised by
                 Prof. Jozef Korbicz The text of this book was prepared
                 based on the author's Ph.D. dissertation",

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