Provably Optimal and Human-Competitive Results in SBSE for Spectrum Based Fault Localisation

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  author =       "Xiaoyuan Xie and Fei-Ching Kuo and Tsong Yueh Chen and 
                 Shin Yoo and Mark Harman",
  title =        "Provably Optimal and Human-Competitive Results in SBSE
                 for Spectrum Based Fault Localisation",
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  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-642-39742-4_17",
  size =         "15 pages",
  abstract =     "Fault localisation uses so-called risk evaluation
                 formulae to guide the localisation process. For more
                 than a decade, the design and improvement of these
                 formulae has been conducted entirely manually through
                 iterative publication in the fault localisation
                 literature. However, recently we demonstrated that SBSE
                 could be used to automatically design such formulae by
                 recasting this as a problem for Genetic Programming
                 (GP). In this paper we prove that our GP has produced
                 four previously unknown globally optimal formulae.
                 Though other human competitive results have previously
                 been reported in the SBSE literature, this is the first
                 SBSE result, in any application domain, for which human
                 competitiveness has been formally proved. We also show
                 that some of these formulae exhibit counter-intuitive
                 characteristics, making them less likely to have been
                 found solely by further human effort.",
  notes =        "See also Technical Report RN/14/14

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