Gene expression programming for total bed material load estimation--a case study

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  author =       "Nor Azazi Zakaria and H. Md. Azamathulla and 
                 Chun Kiat Chang and Aminuddin {Ab. Ghani}",
  title =        "Gene expression programming for total bed material
                 load estimation--a case study",
  journal =      "Science of The Total Environment",
  volume =       "408",
  number =       "21",
  pages =        "5078--5085",
  year =         "2010",
  ISSN =         "0048-9697",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2010.07.048",
  URL =          "",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, gene
                 expression programming, Alluvial channels, Sediment
                 transport, Total bed material load, River engineering",
  abstract =     "This paper presents Gene-Expression Programming (GEP),
                 which is an extension to the genetic programming (GP)
                 approach to predict the total bed material load for
                 three Malaysian rivers. The GEP is employed without any
                 restriction to an extensive database compiled from
                 measurements in the Muda, Langat, and Kurau rivers. The
                 GEP approach demonstrated a superior performance
                 compared to other traditional sediment load methods.
                 The coefficient of determination, R2 (= 0.97) and the
                 mean square error, MSE (= 0.057) of the GEP method are
                 higher than those of the traditional method. The
                 performance of the GEP method demonstrates its
                 predictive capability and the possibility of the
                 generalisation of the model to nonlinear problems for
                 river engineering applications.",

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