Multiple Objective Vector-Based Genetic Programming Using Human-Derived Primitives

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  abstract =     "Traditional genetic programming only supports the use
                 of arithmetic and logical operators on scalar features.
                 The GTMOEP (Georgia Tech Multiple Objective
                 Evolutionary Programming) framework builds upon this by
                 also handling feature vectors, allowing the use of
                 signal processing and machine learning functions as
                 primitives, in addition to the more conventional
                 operators. GTMOEP is a novel method for automated,
                 data-driven algorithm creation, capable of
                 outperforming human derived solutions.

                 As an example, GTMOEP was applied to the problem of
                 predicting how long an emergency responder can remain
                 in a hazmat suit before the effects of heat stress
                 cause the user to become unsafe. An existing
                 third-party physics model was leveraged for predicting
                 core temperature from various situational parameters.
                 However, a sustained high heart rate also means that a
                 user is unsafe. To improve performance, GTMOEP was
                 evaluated to predict an expected pull time, computed
                 from both thresholds during human trials.

                 GTMOEP produced dominant solutions in multiple
                 objective space to the performance of predictions made
                 by the physics model alone, resulting in a safer
                 algorithm for emergency responders to determine
                 operating times in harsh environments. The program
                 generated by GTMOEP will be deployed to a mobile
                 application for their use.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2754694} GECCO-2015 A joint
                 meeting of the twenty fourth international conference
                 on genetic algorithms (ICGA-2015) and the twentith
                 annual genetic programming conference (GP-2015)",

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