Reactive and Memory-Based Genetic Programming for Robot Control

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  author =       "Bjorn Andersson and Per Svensson and Peter Nordin and 
                 Mats Nordahl",
  title =        "Reactive and Memory-Based Genetic Programming for
                 Robot Control",
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  ISBN =         "3-540-65899-8",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/3-540-48885-5_13",
  abstract =     "In this paper we introduce a new approach to genetic
                 programming with memory in reinforcement learning
                 situations, which selects memories in order to increase
                 the probability of modelling the most relevant parts of
                 memory space. We evolve maps directly from state to
                 action, rather than maps that predict reward based on
                 state and action, which reduces the complexity of the
                 evolved mappings. The work is motivated by applications
                 to the control of autonomous robots. Preliminary
                 results in software simulations indicate an enhanced
                 learning speed and quality.",
  notes =        "EuroGP'99, part of \cite{poli:1999:GP}

                 AIMGP machine code GP, memory, simulated robot",

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