Hierarchical Genetic Programming using Local Modules

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  author =       "Wolfgang Banzhaf and Dirk Banscherus and 
                 Peter Dittrich",
  title =        "Hierarchical Genetic Programming using Local Modules",
  journal =      "InterJournal Complex Systems",
  year =         "2000",
  volume =       "228",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "http://www.interjournal.org/manuscript_abstract.php?44691",
  broken =       "http://web.cs.mun.ca/~banzhaf/papers/iccs98.html",
  URL =          "https://eldorado.uni-dortmund.de/bitstream/2003/5365/1/ci56.pdf",
  size =         "18 pages",
  abstract =     "This paper presents a new modular approach to Genetic
                 Programming, hierarchical GP (hGP) based on the
                 introduction of local modules. A module in a hGP
                 program is context-dependent and should not be expected
                 to improve all programs of a population but rather a
                 very specific subset providing the same context. This
                 new modular approach allows for a natural recursiveness
                 in that local modules themselves may define local
  notes =        "Category: Brief Article Status: Accepted Manuscript
                 Number: [228] Submission Date: 981210 Revised On: 815
                 Subject(s): CX, CX.66

                 See also \cite{oai:CiteSeerPSU:324880}",

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